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Are you overwhelmed with lawn care and grass maintenance? The list of treatments and services for your lawn can seem like a lot of work, but if you want your lawn to look good all year long, it’s important to make your yard care maintenance top priority. Luckily, we’ve got a great team that can help. Be sure to contact us, and keep reading about some great services to add to your September appointment.

September brings cooler temperatures to our beautiful Virgin Valley in Mesquite, Nevada. Mesquite experiences temperatures well over 100 degrees in the hot summer months, but as fall approaches, we can expect a drop in temperature. This is the perfect time to begin your annual lawn care and grass maintenance. We recommend these three treatment services to maintain your beautiful lawn this September.

Lawn Care Service Recommendation #1: Overseeding

Overseeding is the process of spreading new seed over existing lawns. This helps to fill any patches of grass that may have thinned out. Our hot summer months can cause some of the grass on your lawn to dry out. If your lawn seems thin, dry or just unhealthy, overseeding can help. If your lawn isn’t looking as thick as it was in the springtime, an overseeding treatment can definitely help it even out and thicken up. Keep your lawns happy and healthy with overseeding services from Adonai Landscaping.

Lawn Care Service Recommendation #2: Grub Control

Grubs are not kind to your lawn! Grubs are little critters that make a home in your grass. If your lawn is looking patchy or unhealthy, you could have a grub problem. Grubs often eat the roots under the grass which then cause dead spots in your lawn. Grub control services are essential to ensure these little grubs don’t make your lawn their permanent personal buffet. If left unchecked, these little grubs make their way the surface of your lawn, multiply, and this life cycle process makes your grub problem even worse. Add grub control service to your next landscaping appointment with Adonai Landscaping services.

Lawn Care Service Recommendation #3: Fertilization

Regular fertilization of your lawns helps keep the rich green color. As the temperatures drop, this can help maintain the health of your lawns through the cooler months. After a hot summer, your lawn is begging for a little boost to help maintain it’s health and encourage growth. September is the perfect month to book a fertilization service with Adonai Landscaping.

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Maintaining your grass and keeping up with your lawn care routines doesn’t have to be a burden. Let us help! We have over 6 years of experience maintaining yards in our beautiful community. We take pride in serving our clients. This month is the perfect time to sign up for our services and let us help you make your yard beautiful.

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